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Investigation of the Flow Rate Effect Upstream of the Constant-Geometry Throttle on the Gas Mass Flow

# 12, December 2016
DOI: 10.7463/1216.0852605
Article file: SE-BMSTU...o084.pdf (1282.84Kb)
authors: Yu.M. Timofeev1,*, Yu.L. Arzumanov1, E.M. Khalatov1

1 Armatura Design Bureau -- Branch of Khrunichev State Research
and Production Space Center, Kovrov, Russia

The turbulent-flow throttles are used in pneumatic systems and gas-supply ones to restrict or measure gas mass flow. It is customary to install the throttles in joints of pipelines (in tee-joints and cross tees) or in joints of pipelines with pneumatic automation devices
Presently, in designing the pneumatic systems and gas-supply ones a gas mass flow through a throttle is calculated by a known equation derived from the Saint-Venant-Vantсel formula for the adiabatic flow of ideal gas through a nozzle from an unrestrictedly high capacity tank. Neglect of gas velocity at the throttle inlet is one of the assumptions taken in the devel-opment of the above equation. As may be seen in practice, in actual systems the diameters of the throttle and the pipe wherein it is mounted can be commensurable. Neglect of the inlet velocity therewith can result in an error when determining the required throttle diameter in design calculation and a flow rate in checking calculation, as well as when measuring a   flow rate in the course of the test.
The theoretical study has revealed that the flow velocity at the throttle inlet is responsible for two parameter values: the outlet flow velocity and the critical pressure ratio, which in turn determine the gas mass flow value.
To calculate the gas mass flow, the dependencies are given in the paper, which allow taking into account the flow rate at the throttle inlet. The analysis of obtained dependencies has revealed that the degree of influence of inlet flow rate upon the mass flow is defined by two parameters: pressure ratio at the throttle and open area ratio of the throttle and the pipe wherein it is mounted.
An analytical investigation has been pursued to evaluate the extent to which the gas mass flow through the throttle is affected by the inlet flow rate. The findings of the investigation and the indications for using the pre-sent dependencies are given in this paper.
By and large the investigation allowed the conclusion that the inlet flow rate must be taken into account when calculating the gas mass flow through the throttles of pneumatic systems and gas supply systems.

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